Are You Working Out & Still Not Losing Weight?

Do you often find yourself eating well and exercising regularly without seeing the desired results? The truth behind weight loss is simple, however, there are a number of us that don’t do it well enough and become infuriated at the time taken. Once we take a step back and analyze just how we are doing in terms of lifestyle, there are various improvements we could make.

Fat loss can only really happen when you enjoy what you are doing and not eating for the sake of eating, rather than giving your body the necessary nutrients it needs to help you move forward. Regardless, of where you come from and how well you do, there are always ways you improve when dieting and going to the gym.

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Diet Plans

Your diet should be the first port of call when you are looking to trim a little excess fat. Yes, it can be infuriating when you feel as though you are eating well but never lose any weight, however, you should reconsider your diet. People become obsessed with the thought of burning off excess calories rather than looking at natural, whole foods such as fruit, veg, nuts, oats and more.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cut out carbs, but it means that you time your meals to have potatoes, grains, and rice on days where you are lifting weights and doing a little strength and conditioning. For those rest and cardio days, it’s important to look into protein and vegetables, especially, as you will be putting your body through the paces with cardio. Look to avoid or cut down on bread and sugars, as it can influence your body in more ways than you think.

Far Too Much Eating

If of course, you have cleaned up the good old diet and you still find yourself in an infuriating situation, then it will be down to the sizes of your meals. Yes, eating too much can cause you to stay at the same weight and not improve. When you are looking to lose weight and not tone up, you need to find yourself burning more calories than you are eating, but you need to be careful to ensure that you don’t end up starving yourself. Finding the right balance with your diet is, frankly, one of the most important factors of losing weight and exercising.

Eat as you normally would, however, look at the portions and see where you can make deductions. This will help you from feeling lethargic from overeating and will help your body balance itself. Whether you are snacking in between with whole foods, finding a balance to your diet will come with practice.

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Are You Prepared?

There are a number of people who attend a gym session and turn up with clothing that isn’t prepared to help your body during your workout. It can be difficult to image how gym wear can help you lose weight but it helps get a strategy together. With tight clingy clothing, it can give you an objective to reach for in those grueling gym sessions. Not only does it give you an objective, but gym clothes are technologically designed in order to help keep you cool and avoid any unnecessary injuries that could be caused otherwise.

This is why the likes of gym trainers, muscle fit hoodies, track pants and gym t-shirts are tested so vigorously, which in turn can help limit the injuries in sports/training. Whether it’s allowing your body to cool down or it helps you balance your ankles and knees as you are running, you need to be prepared for the gym with your wardrobe. Once you feel prepared, you will be able to push your body to the limits without the fear of injury in the back of your head.

You Can Do Too Much Cardio

We all understand how cardio can be infuriating, especially, as it keeps your heart healthy, can boost metabolism and make you drenched in sweat. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not overdoing it, especially, as you become obsessed with losing weight. Over asserting yourself on the treadmill or putting your body through extra unnecessary cardio can burn into lean muscle mass, which is known to be essential to your metabolism and burning calories.

In the case of too much cardio, you can find your body preparing itself to become endurance focused, rather than losing weight. Your body begins to store energy as fat, to help you keep focused and filled with energy when carrying on for those extra miles.

You Can Do Too Much Lifting

As we’ve mentioned, balance is key. If you solely focus on cardio, your lean muscle mass will drop, whereas if you continue to throw weights around, you’re not doing the necessary cardio to work your cardiovascular system. People are often tricked into believing that working out is solely for the bodybuilders of the world, rather than for those who are actively looking to lose weight.

Building lean muscle and pushing your putting body through strength conditioning is known to be more effective at getting rid of stubborn fats that cardio is not known to burn. If you haven’t done weights in the past then look into doing some form of resistance training that is based on your natural body weight, which can include the likes of squats, lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups. That exercise will build the foundation for you to start with your weight training.