What to Eat in HCG Diet That Clear the Digestive Channels and Helps You Lose Weight


Millions of people all over the world who are afflicted by obesity are resorting to HCG dietary regime. There are many dietary plans for weight loss. But most of these dietary regimes are too harsh for the body often causing lots of side effects such as tiredness, excessive hunger, lack of essential nutrients, anemia etc. Secondly the body starts gaining weight as soon as you go back to normal diet. But the dietary plan put forward by Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons in the year 1954 attempts to take care of all the above shortcomings of low-calorie dieting. The dietary regime suggested by Dr. Albert also demands very low-calorie diet. As such his dietary regime is known as HCG VLCD which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Very Low-Calorie diet.

HCG the magic hormone

In addition to the low-calorie dietary plan, Dr. Albert has used HCG hormone which is found naturally in human body. Nature has provided this hormone especially to the pregnant women for taking care of the fetus even if the mother is malnourished. The hormone works by burning the fat and using it for the growth of the fetus. Dr. Albert attempted to utilize this unique characteristic of the hormone for shedding the unnecessary fats of the obese people. The success of his dietary regime is confirmed by the immense popularity of the diet drops among the people willing to shed weight all over the world.

It is important to stick to the diets for successful weight loss

For getting the best result using HCG drops, the patient has to pass through four phases of the dietary regime as propounded by the hcg drop manufacturers. Each of these four phases has distinct hcg food items which need to be strictly adhered to. The four phases of the HCG dietary regime are loading phase, very low-calorie diet phase, stabilization phase, and maintenance phase. Through these phases, the patient is gradually made accustomed to the low-calorie diet. In this way, the patient does not feel lack of energy and excessive hunger even if he is undergoing 500 calorie diet. In order to understand the extent of low-calorie diet let me tell that the normal calorie requirement for a male person is 2500 calorie per day and the same is 2000 calorie per day for a female person. The deficit of 1500 to 2000 calories is to be obtained by burning the excess fats of the body. The burning of the fats is made effective by the presence of the HCG drops which is to be taken regularly during the prescribed period. In the last two phases, the HCG drops are stopped.

Foods which clear the digestive channels

For efficient metabolism of the body, it is important to clear the digestive channels regularly. There are some specific food items which can be used as hcg recipes for achieving clear bowels. Our digestive system is responsible for extracting the nutrients from the food which we eat. The digestion is done with the help of various bacteria which are friendly to our body system. Such bacteria are known as pro-biotic. But some bacteria create havoc in the system which needs to be done away with. This can be done by selecting proper food, enough sleep, and healthy living.

healthy food

We give below few foods which can be tried for efficient digestive management.

The gut of our body has a huge number of the immune system which is about 80% of the total immune system of the whole body. It is not easy for the enemy bacteria to enter into the digestive system. But often we tend to confuse our digestive immune system by eating unhealthy foods for a long period of time. This causes the immune system to attack healthy tissues causing irritable bowel syndrome. Often such irritated bowel causes annoying symptoms like headaches, itching, and allergies. It may also give rise to other health issues, the root causes for which may lie in the disturbed gut system.

  • Turkey breast is considered to be one of the low-fat protein sources. Try it without any bread as per the prescriptions of the HCG VLCD. It will get you a feeling of fullness and also keep the sugar level within control. You will not jump for more foods and feel satiated.
  • Lean beef is one of the approved diets in the HCG diet. It is the best food for weight loss. The fat content is low. Try organic beef, if available, is even better. You take it with or without bread and vegetables as per the requirements of the particular phase of the HCG dietary regime you are passing through. This is a protein which is considered to stabilize the blood sugar.
  • Apples are universally known to be the healthiest food. It is rightly so for the weight loss regime too. By adding an apple in your diet you add lots of fiber which helps in clearing the bowel, suppressing hunger and providing vitamins. If you are able to take the apple before the lunch it is still better. Apples are also said to resist cancer when taken daily.
  • Almonds are one of the rich sources of antioxidants along with minerals and vitamins. The monounsaturated fats present in almonds help in curbing the chances of obesity. Protein, fiber and fatty acids present in the almonds would make you feel filled up without adding to energy contents of your diet. In fact numbers of studies have been conducted which show that almonds consumption is related to weight loss and prevention of many health issues.
  • Yogurt is a rich source of pro-biotic. It helps in digestion and reduces inflammation of the intestine thus eliminating irritability of bowel. Take care to avoid buying from stores which may contain sugar. Make your own yogurt using low cream milk. You may add fruits to it for taste making it healthier. You must take care of the hcg prescribed foods of each phase before deciding this item if you are on HCG drops.

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