Why People Are Using HIIT To Get Ripped



High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT) is a training technique where one performs an intense burst of exercise, followed by less intense recovery periods.

It’s a mixture of cardiovascular exercise and intense anaerobic exercise. To do the exercises, an individual needs to have an extremely high level of self-motivation. There are no specific procedures for doing HIIT workouts but it tends to involve exercises like; push-ups, squats, butt kicks, triceps dips, side lunges, jumping jacks and a variation of sit-ups.

The whole session may take anything from 4 to 30 minutes, so the use of a timer or stopwatch is highly recommended. It’s a time-limited exercise, portioned into several timed rounds. HIIT has proven to be effective in reducing fat from the whole-body, hence providing improved athletic capacity and conditioning. Though there are other benefits derived from this intense training technique.

These benefits can only be achieved if you have an “all or nothing” attitude during training sessions, and also check your diet by manipulating calories and macronutrient ratios. Such benefits like improved fitness, reduced body fats, lean muscle growth among other things have made HIIT become more popular in the past few years.

The great benefit of HIIT exercise is that you don’t need to haul yourself down to the gym for a workout. HIIT sessions can be completed anywhere, there are no restrictions.

The Benefits Of Doing HIIT

Being a high-intensity training, HIIT, when done properly leads to greater gain by the trainee. The benefits that come with doing HIIT has led to more individuals adopting this type of training. Below are the proven benefits of HIIT.

  • Reduction of Body Fat

Studies suggest that when you do high-intensity exercises, your body experiences genetic activation instantly that increases the production of fat-busting proteins.

Further research has proven that with high-intensity interval training, you’re not only burning extra calories but also excess body fat. These exercises increase the caloric expenditure in the body hence melt them away. HIIT helps to produce very fast results when it comes to fat reduction. Scientific research has proven that bursts of increased intensity would still be effective in burning fat two hours after the exercise.

Basically, this is the main reason HIIT has been gaining popularity in the past few years. People all over the world struggled before in reducing body fat, but after the introduction of HIIT, fat loss has seized to be a problem. What you need is self-motivation to train continuously while observing diet manipulation of calories and other nutrients.

  • Lean Muscles

Studies have also shown that HIIT workouts help individuals who observe their diets to preserve their muscles while losing fats. Hard-earned muscles can now be kept intact hence encouraging more individuals to do HIIT workouts. It is always difficult not to lose muscle mass along with fat but with HIIT together with weight training, this has been made possible for dieters. Therefore, most of the weight lost comes from fat stores and not muscles. HIIT, therefore, rips one off excess fats while retaining well-developed muscles

HIIT is Time Efficient

Whether you a have a tight schedule or not, HIIT workouts have proven to be very time efficient over the past couple of years. Research shows that 10 to 15 minutes of interval training daily can help one to achieve great progress with fat burning. It is also proven that it’s more efficient than jogging on the treadmill for half an hour.

Therefore, why spend half an hour jogging when you can exercise for 10 minutes and achieve much more? This has led to more individuals abandoning the treadmill and focusing on HIIT to achieve better results.


HIIT training

  • Improved Fitness

HIIT stimulates the production of human growth hormones during the 24 hours after one finishes his or her workout. This hormone slows down the aging process and also helps in burning calories. The hormone keeps you young, hence improved fitness.

This training technique also helps in building a much healthier heart. Intense training speeds up burning of calories thus improving the heart’s condition. Blood circulation is also sped up hence improving the functioning of the brain, heart and even muscles. These are health-related improvements that help keep the body fit and healthy. Therefore, it is more evident that high-intensity interval training improves one’s body fitness.

  • No Equipment Needed

This is also one of the reasons why HIIT has gained popularity over the past years. You won’t need to go through the hustle of buying training equipment or go to the gym to access them. Push-ups, squats, butt kicks, triceps dips, side lunges, jumping jacks and sit-ups; all of these exercises do not need any equipment. Hence, HIIT is more affordable, making it more popular.

The Drawbacks of HIIT

  • Increased Injury Risks

HIIT is a more physical and strenuous workout, so if a progressive training program is not followed, it can lead to injuries sustained during training.

Studies also show that high-intensity training can lead to a deadly condition that may result in kidney inflammation. Therefore, individuals are encouraged to observe greater precaution while performing these exercises. Beginners are advised not to do HIIT workouts more than once a week until fitness levels are high enough.

  • Potential Joint Risk and Heart Health

A medical check-up on your joints and heart is necessary before you embark on HIIT workouts. Without consulting a practitioner, further damage may be done on pre-existing injuries on your joints and heart. HIIT is not a good cardio workout hence does not build a strong heart and lungs.

Summary of HIIT

If you want to get ripped, especially men who want those well-developed abdominal muscles to be seen, HIIT workouts such as Insanity MAX 30 is the best affordable workout for you.

Despite the two drawbacks discussed above, HIIT brings more benefits to individuals hence its increased popularity all over the world. It improves body fitness and health of trainees at all levels. When compared with other workout methods, HIIT has proven to be the best technique used by individuals to reduce body fat.

Most interestingly, you lose body fat while retaining lean muscles. Generally, you get ripped and burn off excess body fat leaving the well-built muscles exposed.

Conclusively, high-intensity interval training is the best workout you can do anywhere (at home, in the field or even gym) without using any equipment and still achieve greater progress. Therefore, its popularity all over the world should be no surprise to anyone since it is efficient, effective and affordable for everyone.

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