How Smoking Affects Women’s Fertility


Smoking is bad for your overall health. The harmful and critical side effects of smoking not only affect the smokers but also affect people around the smokers. Women who have smoking habit have an increased infertility risk as well as are highly probable to take several years for getting pregnant. In reality, passive smoking is slightly minimal harmful to the fertility process than active smoking.

Smoking affects every state of the reproductive process that includes sperm and egg maturation, embryo transport, hormone production and place in the uterus. Along with this, it also damages the essential DNA in both sperm and eggs.  Smoking habit during pregnancy always increases the danger of many pregnancy complications such as congenital disabilities and low birth weight.

It also increases the woman’s possibility of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. The miscarriage risk increases with an overall amount of smoking. If a male also has a smoking habit, it is best for the couple to quit smoking. Some partners face lots of challenges while stopping the smoking habit, so they are seeking for a perfect and hassle-free solution. Using the best e-liquid is an easy way to quit your smoking habit.  This post helps you to know the effects of smoking on women’s fertility.

Smoking habit can create infertility

The cigarettes smokers are highly probable to have the fertility issues than the non-smokers. Whether you smoke the cigarettes for several years or smoke lots of cigarettes every day, both these situations lead the risk for your fertility issues. When women smoke, more than seven thousand chemicals critically spread throughout their overall body and their organs. It can later lead to various fertility problems, including:

  • Genetic issues
  • Ovulation problems
  • Damage to the premature menopause or eggs

Increased danger of miscarriage and cancer

Along with this, smokers that take fertility treatments likely take more time for getting pregnant. The smokers are highly probable to give the birth to infants with various health issues.

Second hand or passive smoke affects fertility

If your partner has a smoking habit, you can encourage him to quit smoking by trying the safe and best e-liquid.  The second hand or passive smoke exposes women to many poisonous chemicals and affect their fertility. The fertility experts state that the passive smoke is nearly as damaging to the fertility as if women are smoking themselves. Most importantly, exposure to the smoke of cigarette for few days can also affect your fertility and health.

Problems with your fallopian tubes

The smoking habit among women may experience many problems with the fallopian tubes. It is liable in their fertilization task where eggs and sperm meet. Hence, it can critically make conceiving very difficult.  Apart from that, smoking also increases the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

Smoking habit increasing the chance of miscarriage

The miscarriage pain is utterly devastating.  Because of the toxins from dangerous cigarettes, smoke is an issue to suffer from the miscarriage problems. Along with this, smoking increases various health problems during pregnancy that includes ectopic pregnancy and preterm labor.

Quits smoking habit to increase the possibility of safely getting pregnant

Fertility frequently improves for individuals after they quit smoking. Some studies show that women who smoke can increase their chances of getting pregnant by quitting smoking at least two months before striving for getting pregnant.  Stopping smoking habit can also improve the natural fertility, as well as some of the smoking effects, can be quickly reversed. Women who stop smoking before the conception or before the 1st three months of pregnancy minimize their danger of their infant being born too early. Females who stop smoking habit at the beginning of the pregnancy have infants with same birth-weights.


Smoking may influence both the female and male fertility.  If you are addicted to cigarette or tobacco for a long time, you will get a higher percentage of problems in pregnancy. It is because of the damages has done to the eggs and sperm.  Quit smoking is a safe and healthy way to avoid all these infertility problems. Now, you can find many products to stop the smoking habit, but the best e-liquid make the task easier.  They do not include any nasty toxins which are usually associated with the smoking cigarettes. These are unique features of e-liquid that is one of the best ways to quit smoking.