What are the Shakeology Ingredients?

What’s in Shakeology?

I hear this question come up quite a bit. People want to know what exactly is in Shakeology. What are the Shakeology ingredients?

Beachbody, the creators of Shakeology, make all kinds of different health related products. Beachbody created P90x, Insanity, Focus T25, and much more. All this being said, means they have some kind of idea of what they are doing.

Shakeology is their premium weight loss shake. And I do mean premium, just look at the price.

Shakeology Nutrition Facts

Before we get too far into this, it is worth noting that each flavor has slightly different nutritional information. So keep that in mind. However, the core ingredients remain the same throughout all the flavor variations.

Shakeology is full of vitamins and minerals. It contains several essential vitamins, minerals, and foods that are referred to as “superfoods”, such as wheat grass.

A serving of Shakeology is between 150-190 calories, depending on the flavor, and will contain roughly 17 grams of protein. Each serving also only contains about 5 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of fiber.

People claim that the blend of ingredients will increase energy levels, improve digestion, and increase absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Here is a quick video of all the ingredients in Shakeology.

Does Shakeology Work?

The truthful answer is, yes. Simply using Shakeology will help you be healthier, and could potentially help you lose weight. However, in order to get the best results, use the product as it is intended to be used. If you are using Shakeology, but you go and eat two bowls of ice cream, then you shouldn’t be surprised when you don’t losing weight. This is really common sense stuff. To lose weight you need to make sacrifices, and cutting out those extra donuts is exactly the thing that you need to do.

I’ll leave a picture of Shakeology’s nutrition label below so you can see what’s in Shakeology.

what's in Shakeology

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