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Been putting on some extra weight lately? If you have, then maybe you’ve heard about the Shakeology cleanse. I personally haven’t tried it, since it is designed to help with weight loss and I don’t need that right now. But once my winter bulk is finished this should be the perfect trick to help start my summer shredding!

Shakeology Cleanse – The Scienceshakeology cleanse

This cleanse was designed to be done along with a workout program, meaning it is more of a performance cleanse than a traditional cleanse.

This is not a traditional cleanse, this is a very low calorie, vitamin and mineral rich weight loss program. Traditional cleanses don’t have hardly any nutrients in them, along with the very low calories. If you compare the Shakeology cleanse with any other well known cleansing program, then you would understand that you are getting a lot more nutrition from the Shakeology one.

Traditional cleanses are meant to purify your digestive system, and bring your body back to it’s homeostatic state. This can sometimes take a long time, which could make some people uncomfortable.

However, this cleanse is not like other cleanses. You can do it several ways, but depending on how you choose to do it, will determine how many calories you’ll be eating on a daily basis. I would say you’ll be eating anywhere from 800-1400 calories each day. The whole idea of this cleanse is not to starve yourself, but to maximize nutrient efficiency. The whole idea is to consume the most nutrients as possible, while eating the least amount of calories possible. By doing this, you’ll help rid your body of toxins, and it will help you “reset” your body.

How Does it Work?

So you’re eating schedule doesn’t change during this cleanse. If you eat 4 meals a day, you’ll continue to do so, or however many meals you eat. You won’t be eating anywhere near the same volume as you normally would.But you’ll still be getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients. This should help you feel energized and ready to complete your day.

It’s recommended that you only eat Shakeology during the cleanse. But, if you feel the need to eat solid food, try to keep it to fruits, something with fiber, or even add in a salad.

The goal of this cleanse is to maximize your daily performance, while gaining the benefits of doing a cleanse. You don’t want to starve yourself, but you want to restrict calories enough to lose weight, and consume enough nutrients.

Steps to Take During the Cleanse

Drink lots of water during the cleanse. You should be doing this on any cleanse, not just this one. It’s important to stay hydrated, and also drinking lots of water can help to curve hunger, as I’ve come to realize.

Don’t drink any sort of sugary drinks. This goes for soda, juice, and yes, even alcohol. Try to keep caffeinated drinks to a minimum, as they are diuretics, and will dehydrate you.


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