Some Simple Ways To Have More Energy During The Day


If you’re like most people, you probably find yourself dragging at some point during the day, especially if you’re spending most of your day stuck behind a desk.  Finding enough energy to get through the day can be the biggest challenge most people face but it really doesn’t have to be such a struggle.  There are a few simple things you can do or changes you can make to your routine that will actually give you a big energy boost and help you power through your day.

Get up and get going

It may be really tempting to hit that snooze button and get just a few more minutes of sleep and most people assume that the extra rest will help recharge their batteries but surprisingly just the opposite is true.  By staying in bed longer, you’re making it that much harder for your body to get working.  Getting up and moving as soon as your alarm goes off is much better for you and will end up providing you with more energy in the long run.

Eat right

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but eating right throughout the day is equally important.  Food is the fuel our bodies need to keep moving, but just like you’d only want to put top quality gas in your car’s engine, it’s important to put the right things in your body and in the right quantity as well.  Eating balanced meals that are low in carbs and processed sugar helps you to avoid energy spikes and ebbs that can wipe you out.  You’re better off eating smaller, high fiber meals and snacks that your body can turn into energy.

Don’t forget the vitamins

Part of eating right is making sure that your body gets all the nutrients it requires.  In order to bolster your regular diet, consider taking a multi-vitamin that contains the B complex vitamins, which are particularly important for providing extra energy.  Another important nutrient is magnesium, which helps break down glucose into energy.  Often people who get tired during the day are lacking in magnesium, which can zap your excess energy in a flash.

Drink lots of water

It may come as a surprise but often when you feel tired what you’re actually experiencing is thirst.  Getting the right amount of water is vital to sustaining energy, but not all liquids are created equally.   Alcohol actually slows your body down so drinking it can deplete energy.  And while coffee, tea, and energy drinks that contain caffeine may give you a temporary boost, they’ll also set you up for a major crash when the effects wear off, so don’t be fooled into thinking they’re the solution.  Stick with regular or flavored water and you’ll feel much better for it.

Get outside often

Daylight not only helps to regulate our biological clocks, it also contains a good amount of Vitamin D, which the body needs to regulate metabolism and boost insulin secretion, both of which are crucial to maintaining the proper level of energy.  So if at all possible you should find time in your day to get out into the sunshine for a little while.  Whether you have your lunch outdoors or just take a quick walk around the block, soaking up that sunshine can go a long way toward recharging your batteries.

Take a power nap

If sitting through one mind-numbing meeting after another or staring at your computer screen for hours on end starts to take its toll, a good way to restore your energy is with a quick nap.  Obviously, you can’t sleep at your desk for hours but you don’t need to.  All the body really needs to recharge is a 60-minute nap.  That’s more than enough to refresh your energy level and clear your mind so that you can tackle the rest of the day.

Get moving

Of course, nothing is as important to boosting energy as getting the proper amount of exercise.  The more we move our bodies, the better they can break down those essential nutrients to make sure we’re getting what we need.  The mistake most people make here is assuming that you need to do a full power gym session in order to get the necessary energy boost but that’s far from the truth.  Actually, just a small amount of exercise can make a big difference.  A 30-minute walk can go a long way toward replenishing your energy but if you can’t get out that’s ok, there are other ways to get your exercise.  Running inside on a treadmill can be just as beneficial and you can do it in all kinds of weather.  Even simple stretching or exercises you can do at your desk can be enough to get you through your workday.

Say goodbye to stress

Nothing drains energy quicker than stress and unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid, but if you want to boost your energy you need to find ways to relieve that pent-up stress.  Everything from getting in a quick workout to taking a few minutes to just sit quietly and read can help to relieve stress.  Whatever you find that helps you let go of that excess anxiety and tension, do it regularly and you’ll be rewarded with more energy in the long run.

Sleep well

Remember that in order to have enough energy to get through the day your body needs time to properly recharge.  That means not only getting enough sleep but getting good quality sleep so you feel well rested and ready to go in the morning.  Try not to watch high energy shows or movies or stare at your computer screen, phone or tablet just before going to sleep as all of that stimulates the mind and will make it harder to fall asleep.  Instead, try to unwind and relax so that you can fall asleep easier and get the rest your body needs.

Keeping your motor running isn’t as difficult as you might think.  With just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to recharging your batteries and feeling better all day long.

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