Hammer and Chisel Schedule

hammer and chisel schedule

Do you want a program that is going to kick your butt into shape? Are you craving for something more challenging than your current workout? Or perhaps you want to get ripped and to craft a defined physique. If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. The Hammer and Chisel workout is just for you. It will deliver remarkable results in just 60 days. So what is this workout? And what does the hammer and chisel schedule entail?

What is the Hammer and Chisel Workout?

The Hammer and Chisel is an expert workout system. It was developed by two of the best trainers: Autumn Calabrese who previously worked on the famous 21-day fix program, and Sagi Kalev who worked on body beast. Both of these trainers are experts at sculpting spectacular bodies. They have helped many to lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle, and get ripped. So, they have developed this program to help get the best body you’ve ever had.

The program goes for 60 days in which you will do strength training exercises. You will also get nutrition plans to follow. The program includes 12 body sculpting workouts. Each workout lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, so you are sure to be able to do them even if you have a busy schedule. The whole thing will take you 1 hour (including a shower), 6 days a week. Integrated within the program Stabilization, Strength, and Power training so you would get the most effective resistance workout. You will benefit from all of the trainers’ secrets to lose fat, develop muscles, and tone your body.

In every workout, you will use various exercising equipment. The equipment includes weights, chin-up max, stability ball, chin up bar, resistance bands, and a bench.

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What are the workouts like?

The workouts are all intense. They are like the P90X workout, but shorter. Generally, they all get your heart rate up high. The chisel balance, the chisel strength, and the hammer plyometric all hit your legs real hard. Since the workouts are somewhere between 25 and 45 minutes, you can do them easily before starting your day.

You can easily burn calories during a very short time. Your heart rate will hit as high as 160 bpm during some sessions; this can be compared to what you feel during a hard mountain biking session. It is something that will really kick your butt over a short time span. You will also be burning fat like crazy. Even if you felt some workouts are hard, you are able to do them at your own pace.

However, although some are harder and longer than others, there are short and easy ones which bring an overall balance to the whole program. You can say that the hammer and chisel schedule and workout are a mix between the P9OX and the body beast.

hammer and chisel calendar

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How many different workouts are there in the program? And how long is each?

There are 14 total workouts in the program, and 18 if you buy the deluxe edition. This is great as you have a variety of exercises to work every part of your body, and you won’t feel bored as you have something new every day.

The workouts are as it follows: 

· The Chisel Balance — 41:05 

· The Iso Strength Chisel — 36:39 

· The Chisel Endurance — 36:55 

· The Total Body Hammer — 43:48 

· The Max Hammer Strength — 36:53 

· The Hammer Power — 39:10 

· The 10 Min Ab Chisel — 10:56 

· The 10 Min Ab Hammer — 12:29 

· The Chisel Cardio — 39:00 

· The Chisel Agility — 38:29 

· The Total Body Chisel — 36:04 

· The Hammer Plyometrics — 26.29 

· The Iso Speed Hammer — 24:11 

· The Master’s Cardio — 17:38 

The Deluxe Hammer and Chisel Workouts 

· The Hammer Build Up — 32:59 

· The Power Chisel — 30:16

· The 15 Min Leg Hammer — 18:41 

· The 15 Min Glute Chisel — 17:53 

With these workouts, you can’t say that you don’t have time. As an average, you will spend 35 min on each workout, and many exercises take time way below the average. And needless to mention, they are presented in such an interactive manner and that alone is an incentive to pursue it further.

The Hammer and Chisel schedule

As it has been mentioned, the whole program is designed to be followed over 60 days. Every week, you will start from Monday through Wednesday, rest on Thursday, and then continue Friday through Sunday. The hammer and chisel schedule is designed to work every part of your body so you can sculpt and tone every muscle.

Week 1: Chisel balance, Hammer Plyometrics, Iso Strength Chisel, Rest, Iso Speed Hammer, Chisel Endurance, Total Body Hammer + 10 min Ab Hammer

Week 2: Chisel Cardio, Max Hammer Strength, Chisel Agility, Rest, Hammer Power, Chisel Balance, Hammer Conditioning

Week 3: Total Body Hammer, Chisel Agility, Max Hammer Strength + 10 Min Ab hammer, Rest, Total Body Chisel + 10 Min Ab Chisel, Hammer Plyometrics, Iso Strength Chisel

Week 4: Chisel Balance, Max Hammer Strength, Chisel Cardio, Rest, Iso Speed Hammer, Chisel Agility, Hammer Power + 10 Min Ab Hammer

Week 5: Total Body Chisel + 10 Min Ab Chisel, Hammer Power + 10 Min Ab Hammer, Chisel Balance, Rest, Iso Speed Hammer, Chisel Endurance, Total Body Hammer

Week 6: Chisel Agility, Hammer Conditioning + 10 Min Ab Hammer, Chisel Cardio, rest, Hammer Power, Chisel Balance + 10 Min Ab Chisel, Max Hammer Strength

Week 7: Total Body Chisel + 10 Min Ab Chisel, ISO Speed Hammer, ISO Strength Chisel, Rest, Hammer Conditioning, Chisel Cardio, Total Body Hammer + 10 Min Ab Hammer

Week 8: Chisel Endurance + 10 Min Ab Chisel, Max Hammer Strength, Chisel Cardio, Rest, Hammer Plyometrics, Total Body Chisel, Hammer Power + 10 Min Ab Hammer

As you can notice, you won’t repeat the same workout until day 13 in week 2 with the Chisel Balance. However, just like with any training regimen, this schedule has to be followed with due diligence if it is to be successful. Additionally, the various schedules outlined here are to be observed because technically, one thing leads to the other.

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The Pros of the Hammer and Chisel schedule and workout

First, the workouts are short and effective. They target every muscle and make it work extra hard for better results. Every muscle is isolated and strengthened by the back to back demanding exercises.

In addition, the hammer and chisel schedule includes weights like you’ve never used before, and that makes the exercise more effective. You will also do pull ups and back exercises to get a strong and flexible back, the foundation to a healthy body.

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