Cheating on the HCG diet: Effects, prevention and solutions

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If you are reading this blog, you probably have heard of the HCG diet. If you haven’t however, the HCG diet is a weight loss diet that involves the restriction of daily calorie intake to a 500-800 calorie range with the administration of the HCG hormone drops that induces fat burning in the body by allowing the body to draw from unhealthy accumulated fats in the reserves.


Cheating is never a good thing to do when on a diet plan, but in all honesty, it will most likely happen at some points when you adopt the HCG diets. The extent of cheating is really dependent on how people decide to handle it; some dieters have reported cheating temptations mostly at the early stages of their HCG dieting while some have claimed to be guilty a couple of times basically due to the fact that they have become tired of the same meals. Whatever the reasons are, dieters are advised to refrain from crossing the confinements of their diets as much as possible.

This website says, Cheating on HCG diets brings a number of adverse effects that can alter the metabolism and way that the body burns the abnormally stored fat in the body. When people cheat on diets, they are also most likely to do it by consuming a number of foods that aren’t allowed or restricted from their HCG diets. This can subsequently result in psychological cravings for those foods that will bring caloric and satiety imbalance into the diets. In any way you look at it, cheating is detrimental to the progress of your HCG diet. This is especially true if it becomes a routine, but even if you have cheated, it doesn’t mean that you should throw your diet right out the window, here are a few recommendations to help you prevent and correct it.

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Prevention trumps cure, that hasn’t still changed, which is why it is strongly advised that Dieters try as much as possible to limit cheating habits. Cheating is admittedly most prominent in the early phase of the HCG diet, where the body is trying to adapt to the new set of dietary and caloric restrictions. Cheating can also be classified as Routine, Comfort, Craving and Impromptu.

Routine cheating could be involuntary especially in the early stages and is best tackled by ridding yourself and kitchen of the foods that aren’t allowed on your HCG diet. Moving the most-tempting meals away from your instant reach will ensure that next time you cheat, it won’t be as bad as if you had all your goodies available. Comfort cheating is usually as a result of emotional imbalance or distress. It is most common in people who are dealing with some emotional trauma, breakup or loss of a loved one; these people subsequently result to depression and eating to comfort themselves. For Comfort cheating, consciousness and positivity are key aids to preventing or limiting the act.

Craving or Boredom cheating also come to play in cases where people are sick of the diet. It is only human to become bored of consuming the same food over and over and people would cheat because they miss the regular foods, most times, often forgetting that most of the regulars were what led them to overweight and accumulation of unhealthy fat. Diversification of diet and making up delicious recipes with meals in your HCG diet can help you fix this and keep your interest back in the HCG diet. Impromptu cheating is common in cases of social events such as parties and birthdays. Dieters may have no intention to cheat until they are exposed to a large variety of their favourite foods and its downhill from there. If this sounds like you, cheating can be avoided by preparation; bring a snack on your diet especially a fruit, to munch on as soon as your urges start rising, in cases like these, it is best to take a snack as a backup plan.


When you adopt a diet plan with determination, you may believe there’s no breaking it, but you’d come to find that it is something that may happen at least once. If or when it does happen, this doesn’t automatically mean you are a failure and there may still be one or two ways to correct your HCG plan.

  1. Drink Water

Water is a natural detoxifier and goes a long way into flushing out fat and other toxins. It also builds satiety and leaves little space for excess consumption

  1. Eat Clean

Many people take drastic actions to correct the caloric imbalance. Some people instantly eat lower and further reduce the caloric allowance to the sub 500 calories level, while others stop eating altogether for a couple of days. The solution is to continue eating clean and healthy foods with lower carbs and sugar.

There are also popular recommendations for apple day and steak day. On Apple day, you eat only 6 apples and drink water throughout the day, while steak day encourages eating a green apple or tomato, one large steak portion for dinner and water.

  1. Still no exercises

It is only logical that working out should come to your mind, but it still isn’t the solution. Refrain from strenuous activity and let the HCG fat burning metabolism continue on its own


On a concluding note, it is imperative that Dieters stick to their meal plans and do not cheat in the first place. If you are on the verge of cheating again, study your triggers, categorize them as done above under the prevention section and take actions to limiting cheating as its drastic effects can ruin your chances of achieving your fitness and weight loss targets


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