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10 Tips for Fitting in Your Workout With a Busy Schedule


As the years go by, people are getting busier and busier. Many still have time to go to the gym, but are they really getting the exercise they need? Personal trainers all think that people should exercise at least 20 minutes a day. However, that time frame doesn’t really appeal to many people unless they are doing something that they really enjoy.

If you feel that you are really busy, you need to remember that your health should always come first. No matter how many deliverable s you have, those will not mean anything if you cannot reap the rewards because of poor health. That is why you need to make time, even just 20 to 25 minutes a day for a workout that truly leaves out stronger, and healthier. A workout such as the Focus T25 workout program would be great for this.

But how can you fit it in your schedule?

Here are some tips that may help you achieve that:

Schedule your day.

The point of being busy is that you are doing too much. Have you ever considered what you were doing when you were doing it? Write down your daily schedule and see which hours and times you can sneak in a short workout. When you write down your schedule, you will see how much rest hours you actually have. Rather than taking that all for yourself, set aside a few minutes so that you can at least workout before you rest.

Do the most important tasks first.

When looking at your schedule, it is important for you to start with the most difficult tasks of the day. Studies show that people who start with the big commitments have less stressful days, allowing for more quality time with their families as well as some much needed alone time. Once you are done with the big tasks, you will not feel guilty about adding a workout in between your daily tasks.

Let go of the minor tasks on your to do list.

When you list down all of the things that you have to do, you will choose which ones are the least important. If you can afford to take those out, or spread them out over a longer period of time, you can squeeze in some exercise time instead.


Delegate your work.

Most people are busy because they tend to take responsibility for all their work. Sometimes they lack time for themselves because they choose not to use their teams. Or, they are too hands on with their job. If this is the case, you must choose which tasks your staff can handle so that you can make time for yourself. Just make sure they are ready to work without you. Also, don’t put everything on them.

Optimize your chores for fast accomplishments.

Aside from work, people become too busy because of obligations at home. Like cooking, cleaning, or taking care of the kids or pets. To save time and leave room for exercising, you need to assess the work you need to do at home, and find a system that makes it faster, easier, and just as achievable. Do not skimp on cleanliness, or healthy eating. But, do find a way to do things faster. Like buy a slow cooker, assign chores to the kids, or find self dispensing feeders for pets.

Try out different types of workouts

Aside from arranging your schedule and choosing your best workout time, you can also test which workouts you like the most. You cannot just start going to the gym or running, and assume that it is the best workout. You need to test which one is the most engaging for you so that you will be less likely to give up. For example, the Focus T25 program is a fun and active whole body workout. It only takes 25 minutes, which means you can do it at any time of the day.

get fit

Find the closest workout area in your vicinity.

If you are too lazy to go to they gym, find a gym that is extremely close to your house, or along your way home from work. this advice is given by most health experts because they know that people are not psychologically equipped to go to a gym that takes too much work to get to. If anything, you can even set up an exercise area at home, or use the office gym.

Start an exercise group at work

This is a new fad that has been going around in corporate settings. Companies are scheduling exercise sessions like PiYo workouts for their employees at the end of the work day. It is not mandatory to attend. If you office does not have this, you can start your own group for after hours exercise sessions.

Meditate for at least five minutes a day.

This last part is a great addition to your routine. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Meditating allows you to relax and relieve stress, allowing you to harness more energy that you can use for your exercise routine. A healthy mind and body is a great combination because you get more done.

These tips are essential in giving you a fulfilling schedule, that will allow you to work on your health, mind, and body. It is not too much to ask yourself for time that can be invested in giving you a long and fruitful life. The best part is that by balancing your work and exercise, you get to be more productive, enjoy life, and become a healthier individual.



Most Popular Beachbody Workout?

Fitness junkies back in the day didn’t have the luxuries that we have today. Back in the day people would occasionally go to the gym, do some cardio on a bike machine or the treadmill, and perhaps something else that’s now irrelevant.

Fitness, was often associated with going to the gym, which pretty much made working out not an option for a lot of people.

But, Beachbody started a movement that made working out at home a possibility, and even popular. Beachbody gave working out at home a “face lift”. They gave the consumer more variety, from bodybuilding programs, to yoga and meditation programs, to pure cardio programs. Ever since Beachbody came into the fitness scene, working out has never been the same.

The purpose of this article is to try and give you an idea of what the best Beachbody program is. And along the way, breakdown how Beachbody revolutionized the fitness industry.

Beachbody Workouts

Each Beachbody workout has a different purpose, and are very different from each other. While some were designed to help you lose a lot of weight, others were designed to help you gain weight. Some of them go on a more spiritual route, incorporating things like Yoga, and meditation.

Each trainer within the program has their own unique style. They have their own way of motivating you, and helping you reach your fitness goals.

The Focus T25 Workout

focus t25

Created by the famous fitness trainer Shaun T, the Focus T25 program is an extremely entertaining, challenging, and quick way to losing a lot of weight. Each workout is only 25 minutes long. But don’t let that fool you. The workouts contain no breaks whatsoever. So it’s 25 minutes of sweating and grinding.

The PiYo Workout

piyo workout

This program combines the muscle toning power of Pilates, with the incredible flexibility of Yoga to give you a toned, and slim looking body. PiYo requires absolutely no equipment, there’s no cardio, and it’s a very engaging and fun program. The methods used are actually quite genius, to be quite honest. If you would like to read more about PiYo, go check out my comprehensive PiYo review.

The Body Beast Program

body beast workout

body beast workout

This is Beachbody’s bodybuilding style program, designed to help you gain tons of lean muscle mass. This program helps you make all kinds of muscle gains by using a technique called dynamic set training. Which is a more intense variation on the traditional bodybuilding style of training. The Body Beast program is a total of 90 days, and was created by the champion body builder, Sagi Kalev. Read my Body Beast review my clicking the link.

The P90X Workout


Literally everyone has heard of P90x, and if you haven’t, then you’ve likely been living in a cave on a desert island. P90x is a 90 day program that incorporates a technique called muscle confusion. This technique is designed to keep you from hitting plateaus in your training. Which, will keep your progress coming at an exceptional rate. This program is nothing short of awesome. Tony Horton is an amazing personal trainer, who keeps you motivated to finish every workout, and leaves you wanting more.

The Insanity Workout


The Insanity workout forever changed my approach to doing cardio. Shaun T, the creator of insanity, created this program to push you to your limits, so that even the average person could become an elite athlete. This program is only second to P90x in terms of success stories, and copies sold. And for good reason. Insanity is by far one of the toughest workouts ever created.

Insanity the Asylum

insanity the asylum

This my friends, is the sequel to the Insanity workout. And, would be what most would consider to be the hardest workout ever created. It’s a 30 day program, that will transform your body, and give you a new idea of what pushing yourself to the limit means. If Insanity wasn’t enough for you, this program will be more than enough, that’s a guarantee. This will make  you into an elite athlete, and make you perform better than you ever though possible.

The 21 Day Fix

21 day fix

This program differs from most Beachbody programs, in that instead of gaining results slow and steady, you get results fast and furious. This program puts a unique twist on meal planning and portion control. In fact, many people would say that this is some sort of diet plan, rather than a workout routine. But, the results speak for themselves. People seem to get results at an incredible rate with the 21 day fix.

So, What’s the Most Popular Program?

To figure this out, I did a lot of research, using YouTube, Google, pretty much every social media outlet I could think of, and tried to determine which programs had the most amount of followers.


My way I did my research on Youtube, was to gather the number of videos created about each program. The top 5 Beachbody programs on Youtube were:

  1. Insanity
  2. P90X
  3. 21 day fix
  4. Body Beast
  5. Focus T25

In that order.


The way I did my research on Google was to find the search volume for each workout. In other words, find out how many people were searching for each product. The results for this were:

  1. P90x
  2. Insanity
  3. PiYo
  4. Body Beast
  5. 21 day fix

In that order.

Social Media

The way I did my research for social media, was I went to each of the product pages, and added up the number of followers across all social media. Meaning, I added up Facebook followers, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and so on. Here are the results from this:

  1. P90X
  2. Insanity
  3. 21 day fix
  4. T25
  5. Body beast

In that order.


In the end, it ended up being a very close race between P90x and Insanity. But, based on overall numbers and the popularity of the product, I am going to give the most popular award to P90x. I think this is the right decision because it’s what got Beachbody started in the fitness industry. It created amazing transformations, and continues to do so. Overall, I would choose P90x over Insanity. But, it is a very close race between the two.

T25 Results From Actual Users – Real Testimonials

T25 Results – Real Results from Real People

Beachbody’s home workouts are some of the best I’ve done. I’ve personally seen great results from them. And if you don’t believe me, go check out my results on my About Me page. I love pushing my body to the limits and getting the best results possible. I’ll give you my honest opinion on the program, and show you how you could get great T25 results yourself.

I’ve used many different Beachbody programs, including the Focus T25 workout program. I’m a fan of giving, and knowing, the best information, so that’s what I’m trying to do for you.

Check out this short video to see this mans amazing Focus T25 Results:

Still Not Convinced? Here are More T25 Results:

T25 Results


t25 workout

Focus T25 Pros and Cons

  1. This is a great workout for newbies! Anyone who is new to fitness will almost always be hesitant to workout, because it intimidates them. Or maybe this program might scare someone because of the extreme reputation that Shaun T has for creating extremely intense workouts. Don’t be afraid of T25, it’s very easy for people who are new to working out to do. It has modifications for every move if you come across one that you can’t do, and you can do the workouts at your own pace.
  2. Controlled Pace.  T25 is good because the workouts are fairly simple. Most of the workouts begin with easier, less complex moves. And as you progress through the workout things progressively get harder.
  3. Motivation. Never underestimate the power of getting motivated. Shaun T is one of the best motivators I’ve ever seen, and he’s right there with you pushing you to do your best in every workout.
  4. Time Friendly. This one is obvious, but still worth mentioning. If you’re on a tight schedule, then Focus T25 is the workout for you. You can even do a workout during your lunch break if you’d like.
  5. Diverse/Interesting workouts. I’m sure many of you are familiar with feeling bored, and getting bored with your workouts is no different. If you don’t have a variety of things to do, you’ll eventually get bored of doing the same stuff. T25 is great in this aspect. There are 11 different workouts in the program. This will give you enough diversification to not get bored.
  6. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. All of Beachbody’s programs have a money back guarantee, and T25 is no different. If for any reason you don’t like the program, you can send it back with no questions asked within a 30 day period.
  1. Not for people who are already fit. I’ve touched on this a little bit already, but I’ll mention it again. If you’re already in good shape, don’t do this program. Choose something more challenging like any of the Insanity, or P90x programs.
  2. Meal Prepping takes a lot of time. Everyone knows, that nutrition accounts for 80% of your results. That being said, the focus T25 meals can take a lot of time to prepare. One way I like to solve this problem, is prepping all my meals on the weekend. I’ve found this is the best way to save time. But there’s just no way around it. If you want good results, you need to be prepping your meals.
  3. No rest Breaks. T25 has no rest breaks during the workout. It is 25 minutes straight of exercise. Beachbody designed the program this way in order to get the best results, with the time that you have available.

Why Should You Choose T25?

The answer to this is really simple. Many people choose to do the T25 program because it is time efficient. And the T25 Results speak for themselves. Each workout is only 25 minutes long, which is half the length of the workouts in most other Beachbody programs.

T25 was made specifically for people who:

  1. Are on a tight schedule.
  2. Who wan’t to workout but don’t have time time
  3. For people who want to lose weight
  4. For people who are to shy to go to the gym, or don’t want to pay for a membership

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In my honest opinion, T25 is a great decision if you are new to working out, and want to lose weight. If you’re somewhat advanced, and you’re already physically fit, pick a different program. Pick INSANITY, or one of the P90x programs. If you still have questions, go check out my in depth T25 Reviews by clicking on the link.

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Focus T25 v. Insanity? Which Program is Better?

Many of you I’m sure, are wondering whether or not you should do Insanity, or Focus T25. Which is a question that I’ve asked myself believe it or not.

In order to make an educated decision, we must first figure out what the differences between the two products is. As well as the pro’s and con’s of each workout.

So, here are some things to take into consideration before starting either program.

t25 or insanity

T25 v. Insanity: Workout Times

This by far the biggest difference between the two programs. Obviously, in T25 the workouts are 25 minutes long, or less. In insanity, you can expect the workouts to be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Now, if you have an extra hour to spend on a workout during your day, I’ll give you my honest opinion and say you should pick Insanity over T25. But, as many of us I’m sure have come to learn, our schedules are often extremely busy, and extra time during the day just isn’t a reality most of the time.

So instead of doing nothing whatsoever, do the T25 workout program, if you have a busy schedule.

T25 v. Insanity: Workout Intensities

The difference between T25 and Insanity in this regard is, T25 is designed to give you the best results, without completely destroying your body. The program starts you off at your own pace so that you’re not pushing to hard on day one.

Focus T25 works so well because it starts you off slow in the beginning, and builds you up over time. So that you will get to the point where you’ll really be pushing yourself, and be in amazing shape at the end of it.

Insanity on the other hand, starts your off fast and furious. There isn’t much time to adjust to the extreme workouts. From the start, you’ll be pushing yourself extremely hard, and as you get farther into the program, you’ll get stronger and stronger.

So, for people who don’t want to push themselves extremely hard for up to an hour, T25 would be a better option for you.

Here’s a graph breaking down some of the most asked questions about the two programs:

t25 v. insanity

Who Should be Doing Which Program?

Insanity is designed for people who are looking for an extremely challenging workout program. This program will break you down, and build you back up even stronger, but it will be painful! This program is incredibly hard 🙂

Focus T25 on the other hand, is also a very good cardiovascular workout, but is at a lower intensity compared to Insanity. T25 is a great program for people who just want to get in a good workout, and don’t have a lot of time in the day to do it.

What Kind of Equipment Do You need?

In terms of what you need to complete each program, Insanity requires less equipment than T25. To do Insanity, you don’t need any equipment! Just a lot of energy, and mental ability to push through the workouts.insanity workout

For T25, you will need some weights for the weight training workouts. Now, the equipment you’ll need is minimal, but you will need some. But, T25 does come with a 15-lb resistance band, which is great, because that is enough to get you through the weight training routines. For men, I would suggest getting some dumbbells, it’s a little more money upfront, but they will be an asset for years to come.

T25 v. Insanity: Differences in Schedule

Focus T25 is a 10 week long program, whereas Insanity is 8 weeks long (60 days).

Each program has two different phases, the second being more intense than the first. There is however a third phase for Focus T25, which is called the Gamma phase. This phase is more about weight training, and is sold separately from the regular T25 workout program.

T25 v. Insanity: Which Gives Better Results?focus t25

This is a tricky question, and one that really isn’t worth asking. But I’ll share my opinion anyway.

In my opinion, Insanity gives better results than T25. The reason I say this, is for anyone who gives 100% during the Insanity program, and follow the diet, will lose more weight than someone putting the same amount of effort into T25, simply because the workouts in Insanity are longer.

This isn’t to say that T25 is inferior to Insanity at all, it simply means you can’t make a fair comparison between the two, since one requires you to put in more time (and as a result, more effort), than the other.

Which Program is Better for Newbies?

If you’re brand new to working out consistently, I would recommend you start off with Focus T25. It will give you a good foundation with which to start the Insanity workout with. Trust me, this is a better program for people just starting out.

If you need further information regarding Focus T25, or Insanity, leave a comment! I’ll do my best to give you the best information possible. Or check out my full T25 reviews page by clicking on the link!

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Focus T25 Schedule

T25 Schedule

T25 Schedule

The Focus T25 workout program comes with a workout calendar, and a T25 schedule to help you keep track of your workouts. So this is really good for people who might have lost their schedule, or are traveling and didn’t bring it with them.

This program is designed to last for two months, and is very easy to follow with the use of the workout calendar. But, if you want, you can continue the program for as long as you want.

T25 Workout Files

Below I’ll be linking downloadable files of all the workout schedules, and you can choose which one to download based on the T25 package that you got.

For the base package, you’ll want to download the BETA and the ALPHA workout schedules.

Just click on the different links to get the individual schedules.





What does the T25 Schedule Make you do?

With this workout program, you’ll be working out for 5 days a week, doing a variety of different cardio workouts. T25 is primarily focused on using cardio to help you lose weight, which in my opinion is the best way to burn calories. Each workout is roughly 25 minutes (as you might have guessed due to the title of the program), which makes it pretty easy to fit a workout into your daily routine. There is also a nice T25 nutrition guide to help you track your calories.

Interested by Focus T25?

If this program looks like something you’d want to do, I’d definitely go check out my T25 Review over under the workout reviews section of my website. It will answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the program. It’s a great program, and it will definitely get you into the best shape of your life if you put in the effort.

Thanks for reading, and please do share with your friends if you found this helpful!

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T25 Nutrition Guide

focus t25

So, I think everyone here should know that nutrition, is 80% of your results. This means that only 20% of your results rely on the actual workouts. But the problem is, most people don’t know how to eat properly! This is why Beachbody included a T25 nutrition guide into their Focus: T25 workout program. This makes nutrition really easy, and I’ll help to break it down even further in the following article.

How to Calculate Calories in the T25 Nutrition Guide

Beachbody made this part really simple. The hardest part for beginners is know how many calories to eat every day. So, Beachbody made a simple 4 step calorie nutrition quiz. I’ll post the picture below, and you just need to follow the instructions. From there, you’ll know how many calories you should be eating!

T25 Nutrition Guide

Tips to Not Overeat

Okay, so I’m sure many of you are familiar with the idea of only eating when you’re hungry, right? Okay great, because that is exactly what you need to be doing!

So many people tend to eat when they’re bored, don’t do that! Only eat when you are actually hungry, this is very important. But of course don’t overeat either. When you eat when you’re hungry, you are keeping your body fed, which helps your metabolism going at a good, steady pace throughout the day.

The point of this section is, listen to your body. Use the T25 calorie test with your best judgement. If your body is telling you it needs more food, then give it more food. That being said though, be extra careful not to overeat, you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Check out this cool video with Shaun T, the creator of Focus T25, where he gives out some great weight loss tips:

What Should My Macro’s be for T25?

This is where the T25 nutrition guide doesn’t give you enough information, in my opinion. The main macro-nutrients are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. To get the best results, you need to eat a good portion of each every single day.

Everyone is different with their macro nutrient ratios. I myself see the best results with a 50% protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fats diet. So to find out what works best for you, I recommend doing some testing over a certain time period.

I recommend starting at 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fats to begin with, then start tweaking the numbers to see what yields better results.

Now, by counting your macros, you will also be counting your calories. Below I’ll list each macro nutrient, and the amount of calories it contains per gram:

  1. Carbohydrats: 1 gram contains 4 calories
  2. Proteins: 1 gram contains 4 calories
  3. Fats: 1 gram contains 9 calories.

So here’s an example of my diet. Every day I consume 170 grams of protein, 250 grams of carbs, and 60 grams of fats. This comes out to roughly 2200 calories, which is what I need to eat to maintain my current weight. If I want to gain weight, I would increase my carbs to 300, if I want to lose weight, I would decrease my carbs to 200, it’s really that simple.

I hope you all have found this to be somewhat helpful! If you have, please make sure to share this with your friends 🙂

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