7 Home Gym Ideas on a Budget

home gym

Whether you are trying to squeeze into that dress for your Christmas party in a few months, tone up for your class reunion, or already working on your summer body for next year

The gym plays a vital role when it comes to changing your body.

From the treadmill to the dumbbells – most workouts and toning strategies require the use of at least one, but typically multiple, pieces of equipment. And, let’s face it, these extremely powerful pieces of equipment can break the bank…

So, if you are looking to get buff, not broke, a budget-friendly home gym is your answer.

Forget about that monthly gym membership that you always forget about until the charge shows up on your bank account, the time spent waiting for someone to get off the equipment you need, and the energy spent driving across town to your gym…

Why do all of that to build your triceps when you could be getting buff right from the comfort of your home?

I don’t know about you, but if I can do it from home, then that is always my preferred choice.

But, I like to save money as much as the next person, so here are some home gym ideas that will fit into just about any budget:

  1. Focus on free weights, not machines.Of course, you can buy a treadmill and stick it in your garage or your spare room, but even a used one will cost you a pretty penny unless you can score a good deal on that one that has been sitting at your parent’s house since you were born…But, the most budget-friendly idea is to focus more on free weights. Free weights can be bought individually – so you can mix and match to save money – and they are just as effective.In addition, this will help keep your workouts as short and simple as your gym equipment shopping list.
  2. Proper flooring is a must-have.Of course, staying on budget is your top priority, but skimping on every aspect will leave you with useless equipment in just a few short weeks…And, having to start all over frequently doesn’t really fit into a budget-friendly home gym.Instead, find ways to save money and preserve your equipment – saving you money in the long run.

    Proper flooring, such as high-density foam mat squares, are cheap and worthwhile. They will help protect both your floor and your equipment from wear and tear.

  3. Find machine alternative exercises.Of course, riding on the stationary bike is a quick and easy way to get your cardio in…But, there are several other ways to get your cardio in without having a major piece of equipment in your home gym.Instead of purchasing a bike, invest in a jump rope or other more affordable gym equipment that still allows you to get your cardio in.
  4. Make it an encouraging atmosphere.The equipment in a home gym is the No. 1 priority as you cannot workout without it…But, creating an atmosphere that will get you in the gym and keep you there is the next most important thing.Why create a home gym if you will never use it?

    Most gyms have encouraging signs, loud music, and mirrors to help keep you motivated. Of course, don’t blow the budget on these aspects, but one simple idea I like is to hang up a whiteboard…

    On this whiteboard, find an encouraging quote to write up each week, note your goals, write down your workout for the week. The key is to stay involved in your progress and your goals.

  5. Use versatile equipment.Another great way to save money on your home gym is to incorporate gym equipment that can be used for several workouts…For example, a balance ball can be used for stretching, pushups, and various other workouts.This eliminates the need for so many different pieces of equipment – therefore, keeping the costs low.
  6. Optimize each workout for maximum efficiency.If you could just do one workout better as opposed to doing two different workouts, why wouldn’t you?I would much rather do one optimally effective workout than two mediocre ones…So, invest in some resistance bands. By adding resistance bands to your workout, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of your workouts. Plus, these most likely won’t even cost you $20.
  7. Search for pre-owned equipment.And, of course, there will be those few larger pieces of inevitable equipment that you just have to purchase…But, for those, search for some that are pre-owned. It will save you money without sacrificing any of the quality of the equipment.

Going to the gym does not have to be expensive or a hassle…

Start with a plan for your home gym – what you want to focus on and what is most important to you – then, lay out a realistic budget and figure out creative ways to stick to it.

You will find yourself enjoying your workout, even more, when it can be done in no time from the comfort of your own home.

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